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Tactical Time App-This won't be possible for the all-ordinary Otto user, because it is a very special app.

The Tactical Time App-Important for Fire Brigade, THW, Police, Bundeswehr and Federal Police

The authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS) use the Tactical Time app to make accurate and fast time information in use. For this purpose, there is a cross-organizational standard to avoid different ways of presenting. A uniform spelling is used for dates and times: For 8 March 2011, 13:02 is written for example 081302mar11. A must for any firefighter, paramedic or THWler.

Tactical Time App-The Date Time Group Format

The date-time group format is used in the Bundeswehr and NATO. Here, the language is spoken uniformly in order to keep radio traffic clear and clear, but still greatly shortened. This way, the minutes are connected directly to the hours. Instead of 06:00, 0600 is written and "zerlsechhundred" is spoken. For 06:30 stands 0630 or "zery-sixty-thirty." A combination with the date is also possible, but then it immediately becomes more complicated! Now the app comes into play!

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