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Children's poisoning accidents: BfR's First Aid and Poison Emergency Ralls App App provides information on poisoning risks, first aid measures and quickly connects with the responsible poison emergency call center. The BfR app is both a consultant and a helper: It is designed to provide knowledge to protect infants and toddlers from poisoning. The app includes tips on stor-proof storage of medicines, household chemicals and products. It provides important clues that can save lives in the event of an emergency: First aid measures are explained for all poisoning accidents, the poisoning picture is detailed and the presentation is clarified at a paediatrician's clinic. Poison noruff Direct from the app can be called the responsible poison information center of a federal state. Geolocation makes it possible to connect to the responsible poison emergency call centre. Important information On the home screen you will find access to all information about household products and substances that can lead to poisoning. The aim of the individual categories is to provide you with the knowledge necessary to prevent and avoid "toxic accidents." Poisoning by category The app is divided into four categories in which all products or plants are sorted alphabetically: 1. Under "A-Z Poisoning" you will find all products mentioned in this app, sorted alphabetically. 
2. Under "Household" you will find household products, chemicals, foreign bodies and toys. 
3. Poisoning with plants and fungi. 
4. Poisoning with medication. In the "First Aid" section, you will receive tips for general first aid measures in the event of poisoning, but also first aid measures for various accident and poisoning scenarios.