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Make your workout easier with the Mantrailing App

The Mantrailing App is the easiest and cleanest way to document your mantrailing training. Due to automatic data acquisition and different export formats, it is not only possible to display several trails on one map, but documentation and evaluation can also be easily created.
What are the highlights of the Mantrailing App?

A preview of the „The Mantrailing App“ here:

Display of two trails on one map

With the app you can display the runner’s trail and your dog’s trail at the same time. So you can further optimize your training.

„VT“- Virtual Trainer Mantrailing App

With the virtual trainer you can work with your dog with free hands without constantly looking at your smartphone. The trainer can be set so that you can keep a maximum deviation from the laid trail. If the deviation is exceeded, you will receive an alarm by sound signal and vibration. Of course, the runner trail can be hidden.

Training with friends

You can share the trails you recorded with your friends with just one click. They can then import them and work with them as well.

Print track documentation

With just one click, the documentation can be imported into a PDF. This can then be printed directly from your mobile phone (if all this is available and configured) OR you can simply send it by mail, WhatsApp etc. Now it should work everywhere.

Document details

You have details about your trail? Then note them in the app. Information about people, the odour carrier, environment and and and……

Weather data

The app also gives you information about temperature, wind direction, wind speed, air pressure, humidity and clouds.

Automatic data acquisition

All data that the Mantrailing App alone can capture is automatically saved. Thus also date time, length of the trail and its age are recorded.

information at a glance

Even if the trail is recorded, you still have the most important data in view. Runnertrail and your dog’s trail on a map, plus deviations from the Runnertrail, the length and the time required.
synchronize NOW NEW Trails with a server

Trails can now be synchronized to a server, making it even easier to transfer them to other devices. An active mobile data connection is of course a prerequisite here. Read more about it in the following video.

Differences between the Pro version and the Light version

Differences between the Pro version and the Light version

Differences between the Pro version and the Light version
The LightVersion is limited in some functions, but it is absolutely enough to test if the app is something for you!

You can find the „The Mantrailing App“ for Android here:

Mantrailing App

The Mantrailing App for iOS – iPhone – iPad

‎The Mantrailing App
‎The Mantrailing App
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  • ‎The Mantrailing App Screenshot
  • ‎The Mantrailing App Screenshot
  • ‎The Mantrailing App Screenshot

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