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The GeoPosition-GPS App-THE Must for any rescue dog squadron, Bundeswehr, fire brigade, police, THW, Geocacher and other addiction groups …

GPS app with correct features

With GeoPosition always know on the meter exactly where you are! Immediately, the GPS coordinates will be used in common map projection coding systems UTM/UPS, Maercator, Gauß/Krüger, MGRS, Swiss Grid CH1903+/LV95, CH1903/LV03-M around and back. GeoPosition supports reference date WGS84 and over 280 map dates. GeoPosition is ideal for OutdoorFreaks, hikers, cyclists, travel and professionals! You get 100%ty results without much effort and find your way around! Practical additional functions such as sending the coordinates by e-mail or SMS!

Entwickler: Thomas Mayr
Preis: 7,99 €