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The FireTactics app allows firefighters to train the fire brigade deployment tactics, recreate stakes on a map, plan them and share them with the comrades. App features

● Fire and Rescue Service Operations situations represent & modify ● to position vehicles and objects in operational situation ● Manage multiple operational situations with others share via email, Facebook & Twitter ● Einsatzsituations Firetactics.org send – we take your situations into the app on ● offline capability – no network connection necessary for main features ● Optimized for iPad & iPhone to buy additional features within the app ● External screen – app content on an external screen Show, e.g. A monitor, TV or projector. Also supports wireless transmission via Apple TV. ● Map – map (Google Maps) in a situation. All vehicles and other objects can be used with the map in the background. The map recognizes your current location. Move and zoom the map to any other location.