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With the operations manager wiki, a fire brigade operations manager app, a mission manager's manual was developed on the basis of an app.

Fire brigade operations manager app as thought support and research capability

Of course, you often don't have much time to "surf" in an app. Nevertheless, the Einsatzwiki consists of an operational manager app, which allows the contents of Einsatzterwiki old = "Fire Brigade Operations Manager Wiki" to be accessed. This content is also used by the Berlin Fire Brigade (reference of the manufacturer).

All contents of the Fire Brigade Operations Manager App are available to OFFLINE

We have already tested many fire brigade apps and the demand of many users has always been: "Is the app usable offline? -What if I don't have an Internet at the point of use? " This is exactly the circumstance that the developer comes before and the content can be accessed offline!
The content can be sorted by alphabet or used via a keyword search. Well-known thematic structures (fire operations, technical assistance, CBRN use, etc.) can also help with the search! A favorite structure can also be helpful for possible assignments in the cutout area.

Interactive calculations show use and extinguishing water supply

Individual articles contain calculation possibilities on topics of long distance/extinguishing water supply or the consumption of foam formers in the extinguishing kit. In addition, export opportunities are possible in PDF form. This is certainly a great addition to the already relevant apps of other developers.

Entwickler: BananaGlue GmbH
Preis: Kostenlos

Further information

All information about the wiki can be found here: old = "Fire Brigade Operations Manager App"

Head of use Android App

Currently, an Android app is being planned, but has not yet been implemented.