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With BosMon mobile you have the addition to the BosMon program.

BosMon mobile is the ideal addition to the BosMon server

Anyone who has searched for this app knows 99.9% which Windows application is included. Without this application, this app is useless in principle, with the application then almost inexhaustible possibilities arise. With BosMon mobile, the smartphone becomes a mobile smart alarm receiver and can display ZVEI, FMS and POCSAG Telegram!

BosMon mobile works at no SMS cost

BosMon mobile requires a mobile data connection via UMTS, LTE or a Wi-Fi connection to work. The app also connects to a BosMon server. This data can be encrypted between points.

BosMon Mobile
BosMon Mobile
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  • BosMon Mobile Screenshot
  • BosMon Mobile Screenshot
  • BosMon Mobile Screenshot

See the app in function in this video from BosMon

With BosMon, BosMon mobile for Android and now with the alternative BAAS (BosMon for iPhone), whole alarm systems can be set up. Here, there are relatively few limits for the user, as long as he adheres to the legal circumstances. All in all, BosMon forms a huge community that strongly supports a continuous development of the software as well as the apps! If you are interested in linear control technology, fire brigade radio, you won't get past BosMon, it's always worth taking a look at it and testing out the possibilities!

A lot of information about setting up the app and setting up the web server can be found on the BosMon page


BosMon as an ideal addition on guard

With the application BosMon and its various possibilities, only ON of the guard offers great possibilities such as: An alarm monitor