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This aPager Pro app is only in conjunction with a valid license for the software FirEmergency 2 or Usible for free community edition.

Test aPager Pro App and Software free of charge

A free test is possible via the developer company's website https://www.alamos-gmbh.com/contact/The FE2 package is free for 4 weeks-no obligations are created by a test!

What can the aPager Pro app do?

The aPager Pro app receives push messages and SMS from the Softeware FE2. It can be used as an additional alarm of the fire brigade, ambulance service, THW and much more. Be deployed. The FE2 software allows for a variety of alarm inputs, analogue & digital alerts (POCSAG & TETRA), weather warnings, flood reports or simple information.

Before operating, the FE2 software must be configured. The manufacturer has put online an extensive manual with many instructions under http://docu.alamos-gmbh.com. A customer forum under http://board.alamos-gmbh.com provides the user with a large community that is happy to provide advice and assistance!

aPager App-Features

  • Free alerting through push notifications
  • End to end encryption of all messages with AES-256
  • Activation/deactivation of desired groups
  • Closing alarm tones for infilclosed groups
  • Navigation to the place of use
  • Feedback after alarm-automatic unlocking of the smartphone
  • Alarms with different priority (dates for apprenticeships)
  • Alarms also received on "Android Auto"
  • Setting availability messages
  • Monitoring operational strength
  • Alternative alerting ALSO via SMS
  • Parallel operation of push and SMS possible
  • Feedback in station wagon with alarm monitor 4

‎aPager Pro
‎aPager Pro
Entwickler: Alamos GmbH
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  • ‎aPager Pro Screenshot
  • ‎aPager Pro Screenshot