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The respiratory protection documentation in the course of a mission belongs to the fire brigade as the salt in the soup. A clean respiratory protection documentation is the life insurance for all respiratory protection equipment carriers.

Respiratory Protection Documentation App

A few days ago we reached a press release of MP-fire with the information about a new respiratory protection documentation app "MP-fire ASD". Since we keep little of stupid copied press releases, we naturally mix the manufacturer's specs with our experience in the test as always.

First, it should be noted that the iOS app is only installable from iOS 9.0, for users with older ipad ´ s certainly not usable.

What is in the Respiratory Protection documentation app MP fire ASD?

Really user friendly input masks and a quick registration of the squads is indeed given. This results in a good monitoring of the operating times and activity of the respiratory protection device carriers.

Important information such as current printing, query time and remaining duration are calculated and clearly displayed with location and status.

Built-in calculations and warnings for respiratory protection documentation

An enormous relief for the respiratory protection monitoring is thus formed and helps to avoid errors and accidents.

Support for the annual stress exercise

A menu item was created especially for the annual stress exercise/respiratory protection check. In addition to the participants, the exercise can be completed, pressure kj consumption, etc. Be documented.

FWDV7 compliant protocol as PDF

As a PDF document for assignments, trainings and exercise, the values can be saved, printed or later sent as mail.

Free respiratory protection documentation on the "Fire Brigade 4.0" project

MP Fire delivers a free respiratory protection documentation app? That was the first question I asked myself. But, the press release clarifies this question.

MP Fire ASD is cofinanziert by cooperation partners

The breath Protection Monitoring app MP Fire ASD was developed by the MP-fire manufacturer MP-soft-4-u and via the cooperation partners Interspiro and IQFS Cofinanziert. The app MP fire ASD is provided for fire brigades of the Dach region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) free of charge. The app and its updates should remain free of charge in the future according to manufacturer's specifications.

Respiratory Protection documentation app for tablets from 10 inches

The manufacturer limits the use of the app to tablets of 10 inches or more. For smartphones, the app is not available at the moment.
The app is initially available for iOS (from 9.0) and Android.
We will keep track of the development of the app and inform you about changes and updates here.

Entwickler: MP-SOFT-4-U
Preis: Kostenlos
  • ‎MP-FEUER ASD Screenshot

Entwickler: MP-BOS GmbH
Preis: Kostenlos
  • MP-FEUER ASD Screenshot
  • MP-FEUER ASD Screenshot