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The gestural substance database contains information for the safe handling of hazardous substances and other chemical substances in the workplace, such as The effects of substances on humans, the necessary protective measures and measures in the event of a hazard (incl. First aid). In addition, the user is informed about important physico-chemical data of the substances as well as special legal and professional co-operative regulations on the individual substances. Information about 8000 substances is included. The data is maintained in a timely manner after publication in the rules and regulations or after the existence of new scientific findings. 


The gestural substance database is created and maintained by the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of German statutory accident insurance (IFA).

The information on occupational medicine and first aid in the gestural substance database is provided by Prof. Heberr and his team (TOXICHEM, Leuna).

Use and liability

The data stock may be used for the purpose of occupational safety be used to obtain information on the risks posed by chemical substances. Commercial use of the data as well as partial or complete transfer to other information systems is not permitted. The data in the gestural substance database are carefully created and maintained. However, no liability can be assumed, irrespective of the legal basis.