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This topic is familiar to us: Regardless whether you are member of the fire brigade, ambulance service, Federal Agency for Technical Relief, or any other rescue service; an regionwide alerting system for rescue services is not always available because a pager is not always at hand or reception is bad.

This App allows you to alarm rescue units or selected individuals immediately. There is the option of being alerted via SMS or email or both. You will never miss an alarm again! The use is straightforward: You simply receive an alarm message and open the App afterwards. Within seconds it is possible to alarm or inform further units with an individually preset text. All alarm messages can be created manually. In doing so the App performs all necessary technical actions.

At the same time you will get calculated the fastest route to your rescue service’s location. Statistics will also be created so that you will know when which mission took place and how long you needed from the beginning of the mission until you reached your destination.

This software is being continuously improved. Help us developing this app further by sending feedback to support@retterapps.de.