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The NMA-Notify my Android-the alternative to Prowl Android service has been discontinued!


App and service to notify my Android is set!!


Our recommendation the alternative NMA app Pushover

All about the Pushover app can be found under the link

NMA-Notify my Android allowed you to alert your Android smartphone out of almost any application.

With NMA-Notify my Android you can get notifications like growl, Snarl, OpenNMS, PRTG etc. Push. You can also receive notifications from Twitter, Asana, Dropbox, and GitHub and and.

Also in the BosMon it is possible to access the NMA app.

To do this you have to register once on and generate the API key. For thrifty Foxes, be told, up to 5 PushMitteilungen a day are free. If that's not enough, you should just shell out the $5 for the premium account and pay by PayPal. I've been looking for a "Ersatzapp" for Prowl for a long time and seem to have found it. Without even having an android, I was quickly logged in and had generated the API key. More information about NMA-Notify my Android will follow later as soon as I can say more about the test!

Notify My Android
Notify My Android
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  • Notify My Android Screenshot
  • Notify My Android Screenshot