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Mobile location-Special features of the app

With the mobile map app, you can create and manage map or location maps according to DV102 for Fire brigade, Rescue Service, technical relief, water rescue, DLRG and police. The location maps are based on scenarios or map display.

The mobile location app supports the following organizations:

  • Fire department
  • Rescue Service (ASB, BRK, DRC, St. John, Maltese)
  • Police
  • Thw
  • DLRG
  • Water rescue

Features and other features of the location app:

  • Scenarios for operations (motorway, Lake, river, traffic accident…)
  • Map display with location function
  • Create and send location messages
  • Export or send a location view as an image
  • Combined e-mail dispatch of location maps and location messages application area of the mobile map
  • Exercises and Training
  • Use after meeting or planning
  • Major damage situations, major events and incidents
  • Control centre and crisis bars
  • Location Guide
  • Staff work

Currently the location-ID app with all in-app packages includes ca. 1000 Tactical characters. The tactical characters are added to each update. Location of the app also on Facebook: Https:// website of the location app:

The location of the ipad app:

Entwickler: Matthias Korte
Preis: Kostenlos+
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