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The Martinshorn app for Martinshorn fans

On the market there are now a lot of Martinshorn app suggestions that all of them actually have a goal.

Let's start with the app of the same name called Martinshorn

The Martinshorn app for every fire and rescue service fan. By clicking on buttons from the Martinshorn app, the siren tones of different vehicles can be created! Many can also click one after the other, so that the feeling of an approaching large supply is created.

What can the app do?

Included are 6 electric martin-horns of different timbres, 6 compressed air martinshirts, Hella RTK Stadt/Land, US Firetruck, US Police, British Police, Austrian police. Plus Different Light Animations Blue, Yellow, Red, Green. Attention! NOT approved in the area of StVO! Simply click on this link to download the app, your iTunes will open automatically with the app. Then download or buy the Martinshorn app, plug and sync iPhone, you currently have the Martinshorn app on your iPhone. Even easier: Click the web links directly on iPhone or iPad … You can get to the AppStore right away and download!

Sirens Deluxe-Sirens & Martinhorns from all over the world!

SirensDeluxe offers more than 30 different sirens from around the world, including Abu Dhabi, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Canada Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the USA. The app includes, among other things, the following sounds, from the police, fire brigade and ambulance service:

  • Brazil (ambulance service)
  • Germany (police)
  • Canada (Fire Brigade)
  • Poland (fire brigade)
  • Spain (police)
  • USA (Police)
  • USA (Yelp)
  • And many more … !

Only the Martinshorn would be boring-the app can still do THAT!

Nine ultra bright blue light animations, in different colors, blue, red, white, green, purple, turquoise. And of course, the right martinshorn can be played for every blue light!
The sirens are now also available as a ringtone for your iPhone! When you download this app you get more than 30 ringtones, for the usual price of one sound!

The Martinshorn app in download

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Preis: 1,09 €
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