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For all the policemen among the rescuers, yes there is to be, here is the shift plan app police. I would be happy to receive feedback from a real user!

Always keep an eye on the shift plan with the shift plan app police

Whether it's the man's or woman's shift plan, or the fire chief's plan. With the shift plan app police, presented by the German Police Union you are always in the picture. Accordingly, you can plan your free time better. As an additional feature, a time account is available. In line with this, this is likely to be important for some. Accordingly, the customer reviews speak for themselves and are so far consistently positive in nature.

The shift plan app police shift Pro +

Furthermore, the layer plan app police/layer Pro + is available for iOS, Apple Watch and Android. Below, a check shows the service of the day, another check the 14-day overview. Entries of daily remarks are possible.

  • Layers at a glance
  • Therefore, the simplest handling
  • Comfortable planning (display of Sundays & holidays/holiday planners)
  • Hourly billing-carry hourly account
  • For any layer system
  • Rules services created usable (150 pre-made plans
  • After that, you can edit control services yourself
  • Furthermore, the addition of services to the smartphone's own calendar
  • Mail with readable pre-planning to the supervisor or planner
  • Backup your own entries and settings via e-mail, Dropbox or iCloud
Entwickler: Michael Heinz
Preis: Kostenlos
  • Dienstplan-Kalender Screenshot
  • Dienstplan-Kalender Screenshot
  • Dienstplan-Kalender Screenshot
  • Dienstplan-Kalender Screenshot