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The hydrant app from is finally there, many have waited a long time and use the service of already very lively. The developer has now released the app for Android first.

With the hydrant app easy registration and maintenance of hydrants sees itself as a central platform for community, fire and water utilities. With more than 200,000 continuously updated and processed hydrants in the D-A-ch region, Italy and Switzerland, the water map app is now getting a really big impact. The management of hydrants and extinguishing water extraction points, related documentation and tests can be designed efficiently. This saves time and money for everyone involved. The data can be captured by App & Co and the exact location is provided with GPS coordinates!

Extinguishing water planning today with the hydrant app

Who does not know it, hydrants and extinguishing water extraction points have been catalogued and entered in maps. Data changes, but the cards remain the same. With the digital age and many young minds, the methods and offers are also changing, some things become easier. With and the apps, the management, editing or replanting of water extraction sites is significantly easier and more efficient! Provide information about the water extraction site, such as type, performance and a photo. The collection points can be displayed in list or map view and thus very clearly arranged. The extraction points can be sorted and filtered according to various criteria. Individual data sheets can even be retrieved by pre-issued QR code.

Hydrantenanzeige on smartphone in real time

Who does not know this…. 30cm of snow and the fire hydrant is not to be found once again. or emergency forces in large-scale use with low site knowledge. With and the fire hydrant app This is part of the story! The app displays the location data of the smartphone where the next hydrant is.
No matter what a water extraction point everything is summarized and accessible on one platform.

Important note about using the app

Before you can use the Hydrant app, registration on is necessary! The data you have developed must be verified in order to ensure a consistently high quality!

Basic version Features

  • Create and manage water extraction points
  • Plan Fire Water subsidies
  • Export Data Sheets and maps
  • Use of interfaces
  • Offline storage time in the app: 10 days

In the free basic version, any number of water extraction points and extinguishing water subsidies can be created. The collected data can be fully managed and processed. It is also possible to export map maps.

All existing interfaces for data exchange with other applications are fully usable in the basic version.

The data is stored offline in the app for 10 days. After these 10 days, the app will sync online.

Additional functions in the PlusPaket

  • Project Management – Data can now be clearly structured and thus even easier to manage! Separating data from different parts of the city is easily possible with different projects.
  • Authorization Management – The individual allocation of read and write rights allows the data to be shared easily! Own access for the entire team and for other users, such as Water master, building yard, etc. are easily possible.
  • Change history – No loss of data for incorrect changes or accidental deletion! Previous versions of data can be restored at any time.
  • Long-lasting offline storage time in the app
  • Versioning function versioning can revert to a previous state of the data and correct any faulty changes or Deleted data will be restored
  • From €10 per month

Hydrant app Download

The app can be downloaded from the smartphone stores. Click on one of the icons or the download button for Android or Apple.

Hydrant app iphone

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