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FireAlert is the perfect solution to support SMS/MMS alerting for authorities and organizations with safety tasks (BOS), such as-Fire Brigade-Ambulance Service-Technical Hilsfwerk (THW)-German Red Cross (DRC)-German Life Rescue Society (DLRG)-Maltese Relief Service (MHD)-Water and Mountain Guard-Rescue Hour Squadron-etc. FireAlert can also be used outside rescue organizations to monitor servers and control systems. The prerequisite for using FireAlert is that they already receive a SMS/MMS, which requires special attention. What does FireAlert offer? -React to SMS and Flash-SMS-React to MMS (Beta)-Pop-Up of the message-Currently up to 5 individually adjustable triggers-use of own sounds-Different vibration patterns-At request, the sound is also played when the device is on loudspeaker-Turn on The screen-Test feature for each trigger-widget to switch different modes-Saving the messages FireAlert is free and free from advertising. FireAlert is designed to help save lives and protect goods. I develop FireAlert in my spare time, just as we do our service in our organizations in our free time, free of charge! I only have one small request, you should use FireAlert to help me do better! Write to me your wishes and suggestions, be they part of the development! Due to the very positive feedback so far, a new version is already in development, in which the previous feedback will be incorporated. Would you like to know more, do they have wishes or suggestions? Then visit my website at contact me about Become a fan @Facebook Become a fan @Google + keywords: SMS, MMS, Fire brigade, THW, ambulance service, deployment, police, readiness, text, pager, detector, FME, DME, alarm, alarm, alerting, BOS, auxiliary service, DRC, Maltese, Johanniter, report receiver, report recipient

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