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Fire Alert 2-SMS Alert App-MMS alerting app

With Fire Alert 2 You make your Android smartphone a beeper. How's that going? Very simple: You already get your alerts via SMS on your smartphone? With this app you can also highlight anything that requires special attention.

Alarming not only for fire brigades-even outside the rescue organizations there are great application possibilities

The use of Fire Alert 2 to monitor servers and control systems is possible. The only requirement is that an SMS, MMS or call alarm is already in use. You can set alerts that require your special attention.

What makes FIR Alert 2 different?

  • Responds to SMS and flash SMS
  • Responds to MMS
  • Responds to calls
  • Responds to e-mail (only with K9 mail client)
  • SMS Popup
  • SMS Voice Output
  • Individual triggers
  • Using your own sounds
  • Different vibration patterns
  • Overrun "Silent"
  • Screen on

Fire Alert 2-free of charge-no-no

Fire Alert 2 is a developer's non-profit project designed to help save lives and protect goods. He develops the app as "leisure activity" and asks only for improvement requests and wants to let you participate in the development. Especially the development in other languages "eats" a lot of time and he wishes here support in the translation of Fire Alert 2.

Testimonials with the Fire Alert 2 app

Since the app is only for Android (technically, because there are different locks for iOS which do not allow the relevant functions), some iOS users look very envious of this app. For existing Zusatzalarmierungssyteme that rely on SMS or call, the app is a very great addition. Some of my comrades absolutely swear by this possibility and they are also used very briskly. Again and again we get inquiries "is there an alternative to fire alert for iphone?"-unfortunately, we can only deny this answer, for just mentioned reasons.

FireAlert 2
FireAlert 2
Entwickler: Sven Hörnchen
Preis: Kostenlos
  • FireAlert 2 Screenshot
  • FireAlert 2 Screenshot

Fire Alert 2


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