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Today I would like to present you the Divera 24/7 app. I have been waiting for this app for a long time, since it is not only easy to display and organize the operational readiness, but also the additional alarming including feedback of the emergency personnel. The status change can even be done free of charge by phone call.

Divera 24/7 app and Divera 24/7 as perfect companion for fire brigades, THW, relief organizations, DLRG, guards and readiness

Convince yourself of this app personally, we were allowed to test the full functions in advance and were very fast excited

Sign up for free and without obligation:

Then register for free and without obligation at https://www.divera247.com/registrierung.html.

From now on you get the code: Firefighter Rapps-Automatically activate the alarm version for 30 days for the test!

The Divera 24/7 app as a supplement to Divera 24/7 products includes the following modules:

  • Plan for operational readiness and ensure automation with Geofence in beta test https://www.divera247.com/beta-test.html
  • Alarm with feedback via app
  • Automatic alarming via web-/REST-API, e-mail, RS232/serial interface
  • Active feedback on alarms
  • Planning the readiness of use in advance
  • Communications: Communications, surveys and deadlines
  • Alarm Monitor for the guard
  • FMS of emergency vehicles
  • Control center monitor with cross-site personnel availability
  • Interfaces: Tetracontrol, BosMon, SIRENE112, FeuerwehrCloud, Fireboard, e:lion, DWD, severe weather Centre

Especially the forwarding of the alarm offers numerous advantages over other systems. Via several interfaces (e-mail, programs such as FMS 32/BosMon and an HTTPS interface) the alarm information of the control center can be read out and transmitted to all mobile phones of the emergency forces within a few seconds. The additional alarm with Divera 24/7 is especially helpful for poor network coverage and improves accessibility even outside of your own POCSAG network. Managers are thus always informed about the current alarm events in their area of responsibility.

In addition to the reading and forwarding of the control point information, a separate alarm can be started at any time via the Web interface. This means that Divera can be used for own purposes even without a control-link. This is especially helpful for medical and other guard services of DLRG, THW and the rescue service.

Regardless of the new functionality of the alerting, the proven views on the availability of the operational forces and the possibility of individual adaptation to their own needs are preserved.

Privacy and Alarmierungsapps-a radio interview with Divera 24/7

Information on the data security of the Divera 24/7 availability app-Dr. Rer. Sec. Bernhard Horst talks to Radio112 about Divera 24/7, click and listen to the link!

Additional connectivity Options

From now on, Divera 24/7 can be used with pagers of E message Deutschland. In addition to ECityruf and EBOS, "2wayS by E * message" can also be integrated into the system – a DME with an integrated confirmation function that transfers the input response directly to the availability system from henceforth on.
In this way, Divera 24/7 offers further possibilities in the area of alarming. You can choose between numerous information channels and terminals:

  • Alerting via push, SMS, voice call, e-mail
  • Integration of the BOS tetra Pager
  • Integration of E * message pagers with their own POCSAG network and GSM redundancy
  • Integration of UNITRONIC Eric ® pagers with M2M technology for secure transmission in the VPN tunnel and Europe-wide accessibility via all available GSM networks
  • Combinations of these solutions to achieve the desired redundancy and network coverage

With the app via W-LAN and GSM even in the basement, with EMessage per POCSAG in the event of a power outage and with UNITRONIC Eric ® Europe-wide-through the targeted combination of the latest technologies you will be reliably alerted everywhere.
Plant fire brigades and teams that are travelling in hazardous areas can even use ex-protection for signal recipients if necessary. In the factory with high penetration and for the recalling of standby services via GSM.
You already use beeper from EMes
sage and want to connect them to the app and the alarm monitor? > > Speak directly to the Divera 24/7 team!

Divera 24/7 Carrier Practice Award of the CeBIT Innovation award

The app has convinced the jury for two reasons:

  • The fire brigade knows at any time how much staff is available. In the case of personnel shortages, the control centre is able to immediately alert additional units. So that the use can be processed on weekdays and we can help the citizens more quickly together.
  • There is more than one idea behind it. In the meantime 60,000 helpers use the app for planning and alerting. We owe this to all the operational forces involved. Special thanks go to courageous executives and decision-makers who are prepared to deal honestly and transparently with the personnel situation. Let us continue to work to strengthen community and cross-county cooperation.


A nice explanation video

Registration at Divera 24/7

Introduction to the Management interface

The new Geofence function

Information on the current status of the functions

  • 1 warning threshold for staff shortage warning
  • 2 Alarm loops/groups for targeted addressing of alerts, notifications and appointments.
  • 6 Individual monitor views
  • Extension of user rights for permissions to create and edit messages
  • Multiple IFRAME monitors.
  • Surveys as feedback channel for communications
  • Personal default Status
  • Prioritize appointments in the Personal Status planner
  • Selectable Alarmierungston
  • Multiple monitor views
  • Visualization of application-related feedback

Divera 24/7 Alarm

With Divera 24/7 Alarm, there is an additional version that addresses individual locations and fills the gap between Divera 24/7 free and Divera 24/7 Pro.

  • 3 Freely configurable warning thresholds
  • 10 Freely configurable monitor views
  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Unlimited number of alarm loops/groups.
  • Transmission of alarms with all application details and the alarm loops to be alerted via interface.
  • Only €0.49 users/month, monthly terminated

Further information on Divera is available in the presentation provided by the manufacturer

to the presentation

The Divera 24/7 app for Android can be found here:

DIVERA 24/7 Verfügbarkeit
DIVERA 24/7 Verfügbarkeit
Entwickler: DIVERA GmbH
Preis: Kostenlos
  • DIVERA 24/7 Verfügbarkeit Screenshot
  • DIVERA 24/7 Verfügbarkeit Screenshot
  • DIVERA 24/7 Verfügbarkeit Screenshot

The Divera 24/7 app for iOS-iphone-ipad

‎DIVERA 24/7 Verfügbarkeit
‎DIVERA 24/7 Verfügbarkeit
Entwickler: DIVERA GmbH
Preis: Kostenlos
  • ‎DIVERA 24/7 Verfügbarkeit Screenshot
  • ‎DIVERA 24/7 Verfügbarkeit Screenshot
  • ‎DIVERA 24/7 Verfügbarkeit Screenshot
  • ‎DIVERA 24/7 Verfügbarkeit Screenshot
  • ‎DIVERA 24/7 Verfügbarkeit Screenshot

The Divera app for Windows

Entwickler: ‪Fire Rescue Instructions GmbH‬
Preis: Kostenlos
  • DIVERA 24/7 Screenshot
  • DIVERA 24/7 Screenshot

The Divera 24/7 Beta Insider app for Android can be found here:

DIVERA 24/7 insider
DIVERA 24/7 insider
Entwickler: DIVERA GmbH
Preis: Kostenlos
  • DIVERA 24/7 insider Screenshot
  • DIVERA 24/7 insider Screenshot
  • DIVERA 24/7 insider Screenshot
  • DIVERA 24/7 insider Screenshot
  • DIVERA 24/7 insider Screenshot

Sign up for free and without obligation:

Then register for free and without obligation at https://www.divera247.com/registrierung.html.

From now on you get the code: Firefighter Rapps-Automatically activate the alarm version for 30 days for the test!

How can I address divera 24/7 at all and use the alarm function legally?

In the meantime, there are many different possibilities to connect legal divera in particular.

Your control center already sends an SMS in the event of an alarm?

Then there is already a solution with the following app on an Android smartphone to address the Divera server via app. The free SMS-inbound-app responds to incoming SMS of certain sender numbers-the content of the SMS is then forwarded to the set DIVERA247 account. This makes it possible to integrate divera rapidly into existing system landscapes. In the case of chargeable accounts (alarm/PRO/server) the content of the SMS is completely interpreted as a usage message.
Users of the free version (free) will only be sent a bet. The text information from the SMS is discarded.
The BET keyword corresponds in any case to the default settings of the alarm interface.
A parser for the targeted evaluation of Use keyword, message and address follows in the next step.

Your control center sends an email in the event of an alarm? Perfect!

With the new DIVERA24/7 Alarm Server These mails can be evaluated in a quasi real time and passed on to the Divera account!

This works like?

New alarm server in public beta test????
Divera 24/7 provides alarm and pro users with the new alarm server 24/7 for lightning-fast, uncomplicated alarm triggering via e-mail.

Alarming via the central service is as follows:
1. The email will be sent directly to Divera 24/7.
2nd. The alarm server checks whether the mail can be accepted using predefined criteria.
3rd. In the event of a match, the contents are examined on the RICs of groups and vehicles as well as on alarm templates, so that the most important data are determined automatically.
4th. In addition, the e-mail can be analysisert via predefined control points and format templates, e.g. To determine the address or the coordinates of the place of operation.
5th. The alarm is triggered immediately. The e-mail and the unnecessary data are discarded.
If you want to participate in the test, you can log in via mail to support@divera247.com with the subject "Alarm Server"

Tripping with detector (beeper, FME) and BOSMON

For the right "freaks" There is a guide: Https://help.divera247.com/display/FAQ/BosMon+Alarm+Einrichtung

Evaluation by DME and BOSMON

For this possibility there is also a great tutorial: Https://help.divera247.com/display/FAQ/BosMon+Alarm+Einrichtung